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Was founded in 2010, and is a duly registered group of companies and individuals with different, highly specialized skill sets and backgrounds, but all with a common goal of solving emerging world challenges through innovation.
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The Three Elements

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Innovation Consortium

We Are

We're a collection of companies and individuals with different highly specialized skill sets and backgrounds joined together to form a one-stop SOLUTIONS HUB for all levels of emerging challenges in the fields of:
  • Engineering (mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical, software)
  • Architecture
  • ICT and robotics
  • Social enterprise
  • Consultancy and safety
  • Health
  • Renewable energy and environment
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To champion social and economic transformation in Africa by deploying unique and appropriate technological and socio-economic applications.


To be a referral organization for the development of innovative, appropriate, affordable and sustainable solutions for societal and industrial challenges.


Home of Next-Generation Solutions

What We Do

We develop, produce and implement appropriate   and sustainable technologies and solutions in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Social enterprise, ICT, robotics, renewable energy, health, research    and development, all with a strong socially driven consciousness.

Why we do what we do

  • To provide sustainable locally generated solutions with quality as their back backbone
  • To recognize and nurture creativity to fine tune its products to market accepted standards that will result in improved livelihoods
  • To build local solutions capacity to substitute importation of foreign solutions to solve locally generated and faced challenges
  • To skill and provide information in a tested and universally accepted practical (Hands-on) way

Why you should choose Innovation Consortium

  • Our solutions guarantee both highest quality and savings
  • Our solutions are flexible, unique and sustainable
  • Our solutions have been tried and tested by time and a great many satisfied local and international clientele

Our Clients

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