Slum Reinvented

Uganda’s central business district Kampala, is made up of five divisions which comprise a total of 57 informal settlements/slums. As of 2021, these slums house 60% of all urban dwellers meaning they are home to over 4.2 million people. By slum definition, these people are living in conditions defined by poor structural quality of housing, poverty, insecure residential status and inadequate access to sanitation and other infrastructure.

As citizens and innovators, Innovation Consortium through the Slum Reinvented project, is doing its part to improve the above problem statement by using our knowledge, tools and available resources to better the slum condition by;

  • Constructing sustainable user-friendly slum housing that solves some of the slum challenges like flooding and insecurity all while remaining cheap and easy to set-up or replicate on a large scale because we use and recycle readily available materials in the slums like plastic and rammed earth #slumhousereinvented.
  • Equipping the youth with market-demanded skills like building, welding, machine fabrication and robotics.
  • Carrying out FREE seasonal mobile health camps, where slum dwellers are treated for communicable diseases and given free referrals for complex ailments. We also sensitize them about good health practices, their civic rights & duties and avenues to access help in case of emergencies or contestations.
  • Offering financial services to organised working and saving groups because with improved financial literacy comes improved livelihoods


  • Brief :Sustainable user-friendly slum housing that solves some of the slum challenges.
  • Category :Redefining slum housing
  • Type :Slum Reinvented
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