At Innovation Consortium, we believe that our products and projects should create a positive impact and be socially aware. We are committed to corporate social responsibility, not just as duty, but as a core value that drives our actions. From creating socially-uplifting projects to supporting community recreational programs and establishments, we strive to contribute meaningfully to the communities we serve. Together, we are improving the African society all while solving tomorrow’s problems today.

Weatherhead Hockey Club

As its part of our core values to empower the youth and also give back to society, Innovation Consortium is the proud sponsor of Weatherhead Hockey Club who are the men’s national hockey league and Uganda cup champions 2021.

Mobile Health Camps

Just as charity begins at home, Innovation Consortium organizes mobile health camps in different regions. Vital medical messages are disseminated and people are diagnosed and given FREE medical care. Patients are treated for chronically debilitating, communicable and non-communicable diseases. For those illnesses that cannot be treated on site, patients are referred and linked care to the appropriate health facilities.

Chaapa League

At Innovation Consortium, we believe in the power of sports to unite communities and inspire young minds so much so, that we run a successful social project called Football for Peace. The same attributes make-up the foundation of Chaapa League. And are the same attributes that inspire Innovation Consortium to proudly sponsor Chaapa League with the aim of providing a rich and inclusive space for old boys, friends, well-wishers and sports lovers to interact, influence and foster community building relationships.

Chogm Football Club

Chogm F.C is a member of the biggest western soccer league in Uganda ‘’Chaapa League’’. In Chogm F.C, brotherhood, physical fitness and social recreation become one within all the league hosting communities. This level of positivity and social awareness goes in line with fulfilling our Pro-community building values, that’s why Innovation Consortium chose to be the official sponsors of Chogm F.C.

Elite Scrabble Club of Kyadondo

At Innovation Consortium, we are avid supporters of intellectual pursuits and community engagement, and we recognize the value of scrabble in promoting literacy, critical thinking and camaraderie. Such passion, is what drives our support and sponsorship towards Elite Scrabble Club of Kyadondo for together, we aim to foster a vibrant community of word enthusiasts while showcasing our commitment to education and mental stimulation.


  • Brief :We believe in integrating social & environmental concerns into our business operations & interactions with various stakeholders.
  • Category :Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Type :Community Based
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