Agriculture is the backbone of our economy which has in turn made us the food basket of east and central Africa.

So as the “Home of Next-Generation Solutions” we are pioneering the development and implementation of sustainable affordable and echo-friendly agricultural machinery and systems.

Irrigation Systems

We have the technical expertise and experience to design, supply, install and maintain all types of irrigation systems. We also ensure that you achieve success and profitability through sustainable irrigation operation- no matter your crop, location, climate or any conditions.

Our end to end irrigation services include;

  • Irrigation consultancy
  • System design
  • Irrigation equipment supplies
  • Irrigation system installation
  • Irrigation system maintenance

Water Pumps

We offer a wide selection of water pumps in all sizes. We do supply all types of surface and submersible pumps from leading world manufacturers. We deal in water pumps that can also run on electric power (AC) or solar power (DC) or even both.

Our water pumps can be used in numerous applications like;

  • Domestic water pumping
  • Irrigation
  • Firefighting
  • Commercial water pumping
  • Industrial applications

Solar Systems

We offer an extensive range of solar products and systems sourced from industry leading suppliers that will offer world class solutions for all solar power needs.
Our solar systems include;
  • Solar water pumping systems
  • Solar water heating systems
  • Solar lighting systems


Innovation Consortium provides an end to end borehole solution. We carry out surveys (physical and / or geo-technical) drilling, installation / construction and also supply pumps and other borehole equipment. For every borehole requirement, we have a reliable and cost effective solution.


Innovation Consortium stocks and retails generators of all types and sizes ranging 1 to 1000kVA. Various model ranges are offered specified for either prime or standby power applications, high speed standby sets giving excellent value with increased outputs. We also help the customer to identify the correct size of generator to do his/her job, install and maintain the generator.


  • Brief :We have a space to design, build prototypes and fabricate all agricultural machinery
  • Category :Agricultural Sector
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