Uganda’s industrial landscape is strongly anchored by a vast informal sector. This has been the birthplace of innovation and training ground of the valuable skill set for the past 20 years. The industrial sector, especially big industry is still propped up by products and skills from this sector, because of the restrictive cost of foreign inputs, technology and specialist knowledge. The spirit of prototyping and innovation is alive and thriving here, given the prevalence of small, to medium sized industrial typologies in Uganda. these small machines, drive Uganda’s industrial revolution, and are kept working by the informal sector.

Innovation Consortium realized this and engaged to ease access to this rich resource, and open it up to the market. BYUUMA App is a tool that creates a direct connection, through information technology, between the informal industrial sector, and the bigger, international market.

By removing the geographical and physical restrictions faced by the tradesmen in the informal sector, BYUUMA app will bring this sector to the fore and set a foundation to formalize and develop this resource.


  • Innovation :BYUUMA App
  • Application :Industrial & Manufacturing
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