Hybrid Silage & Hay Machine

The ever expanding population settlements and unpredictable climate changes have led to scarcity of pastures. And to solve this challenge, Innovation Consortium designed and made a silage and hay machine.

  • This machine is unique and effective in a way that it processes both fresh and dry feeds
  • It processes a tonne (1000Kgs) of silage/hay in one hour consuming 1.5 litres of fuel.
  • The machine is durable because it is fabricated out of the hardest metallic material on the market which is steel.
  • Since the silage/hay machine is  produced locally, its very easy to operate, repair and maintain avoiding the need for special expensive technicians as with the case of imported machines
  • This machine is equally efficient and 50% cheaper than imported hay machines.


  • Innovation :Hybrid Silage & Hay Machine
  • Application :Agricultural Sector
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