Kungula Thresher

‘Kungula’ is a motorized machine for removing maize grain from the cob. The thresher helps reduce threshing time while increasing efficiency (reducing wastage), all at an affordable cost translating into increased yields and improved post-harvest value to create better leverage in markets and sustainable farming methods for farmers.

Traditional threshing methods like hand threshing or pilling of maize in sacks and hitting it with sticks are very inefficient, laborious and time wasting. The resulting quality of the maize grain is very low since dust and broken cobs make up a substantial percentage of the final product. We have designed a mortised threshing machine dubbed Kungula that threshes and winnows maize at a rate of 1000kg/hr/litre of fuel with a 99.9% threshing efficiency and 98.2% whole grain ratio.


  • Innovation :Kungula Thresher
  • Application :Agricultural Sector
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