Social Projects


The Refugee Innovation and Sustainable Enterprise-Urban Project is a social enterprise that uses sustainable and innovative business models to create economic opportunities for urban refugees. Urban refugees are empowered with relevant professional skills in various technical fields (construction, fabrication, baking, driving, Hair dressing, solar systems, multi-media, automotive repair, ICT, fashion and design). We provide a platform for marketing the products of these trainings and support linkages for the attained skills to their possible employment opportunities.

Not So Complicated

This is a media production by Innovation Consortium that’s both a podcast and video show. In this production, our team of professionals discusses a wide range of topics from current innovations, community-based projects, technologies to current social trends. The discussions are centered around providing complete useful knowledge on the topics of discussion and solutions to presented challenges. Click here to watch.

How To Series

From can-openers, car jerks to the more sophisticated micrometer screw gauge, TOOLS are what makes our everyday tasks quicker and simpler. So the HOW TO series aim to bridge the “Tools knowledge” gap in artisans, interns, students, creatives and your everyday Tom by providing free knowledge on how to use different tools to perform specific tasks in a super simplified and practical way. The episodes cover a wide range of tools and tasks, from mechanical workshop tools, motor garage tools to domestic tasks like how to change a light bulb. Click here to watch.

Football For Peace

Football is an unstoppable force for good and commands immense global influence.  So using our creative approaches, Innovation Consortium is harnessing the social influence of football to intervene and raise awareness of pressing social and environmental issues like human rights, inequality, injustice, poverty, health, climate, prosperity, civil instability and deforestation.

Football has a unique capacity to reach far beyond ethnic, political, religious or social divides and challenge divisive narratives. So, through football we are promoting for PEACE through dialogue, renewed hope, stability and equality.

Learn To Work

This is an education program we’ve come up with, which exposes kids / youth to learning through using their hands and brain with an aim to impart real hand skills, improve their imagination and forward thinking. It’s a product centered learning. Click here to watch.

Digital Library

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  • Brief :We believe in the power of community. We want healthy, strong, vibrant, economically independent communities.
  • Category : Socio-Economic
  • Type :Social Projects
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