Step Tap


Is a mechanical device that is fixed to any hand washing facility to give you a hands free washing experience. It only requires the user to step on the pedal for the water to flow and release the pedal to stop water flow.  Why STEP TAP;

  • Ordinary Taps ease the spread of germs from one user to another since their use involves touching the knob for both opening and closing which easily leaves germs and dirt on the nobs spreading it to the next user
  • Reduced water bill because it eliminates any water wastage due to loosely tightened knobs and wastage between opening, washing and closing.
  • Easy to use for handicapped people and children since it eliminates the height challenge that comes with ordinary taps
  • It’s for these reasons that the innovation consortium designed tested and improved version of the wash basin called a step tap.
  • It can be modified and used for industrial applications

The TIP TAP is a manual hands free washing device.  It is an external version of the Step Tap and both devices use the same stepping operating mechanism.

This device is made in different ranges depending on client need.

This innovation is designed to be affordable, maintenance free, portable and user-friendly as it requires no expertise to operate.


  • Innovation :Step Tap
  • Application :Home & Office
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