Thin Shell Roofing

It is a building technology that relies on the use of concrete under tension to make roof or walls. The tension is achieved by stretching a mesh over an inorganic cloth layer and pouring a thin layer of concrete. Advantages include;

  • Sound heat insulation
  • Cost: it is cheaper than the more traditional materials like iron sheets and tiles. It can save about 25% of what iron sheets costs and about 50% cheaper than tiles. This is because it uses cheaply available local materials: mesh, cement, sand, timber and cloth.
  • Shape/ Aesthetic: The hyperbola gives a more interesting shape to most conventional roofs. Also it gives you the skylight option to bring in light.
  • Since it uses less timber in it, the roof area remains with enough space to give more headroom or to be utilized for extra storage.
  • Humanitarian solution: Because the materials used are locally and cheaply available, TSC can be used to provide short term housing solutions to disaster areas. If designed and installed with the purpose, it is possible to make it movable as well from one area disaster struck area to another.


  • Innovation :Thin Shell Concrete Roofing
  • Application :Construction Sector
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